Yesterday's a part of us

That time does not forget

Etched out in a frame of silhouettes

Never walk Away

and the better days ahead, words that are left unsaid ...

Never will I walk away,

You to me are like the mornin' Sunday, Never will I ever walk away


One More Night 


Every day, if I could have my way, these words I'd recite ...

My Sweet Belle, I'd live a thousand lives for you, my Sweet Belle, I'd honor all you do ...” - My Sweet Belle

On a hot late summer's evening, As the heartaches all set in, I can hear your whispers temblinn', Riding on the Wind ..



You pain me with your attitude, I must confess to you what I'm going through, I'm your lover in chains” - Lover in Chains

Sunset Glow

... we survive, Face to face, In our own special place